Review: Crossbones

Crossbones is a new NBC series starring John Malkovich as Blackbeard and set in the island of New Providence from where the pirate has been acting in secret. After watching Black Sails and loving it, I was excited to see this but I was completely and sadly disappointed.


Review: Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep is a survival horror game developed by Krillbite Studios in which you play as a toddler on the frantic search for his mother, with only his trusty teddy as company and support.


Home but not gone!!

(Yes, I changed the posts name to match the image, sue me) Hey everyone. Yes, no new posts since last Friday. The truth is I haven’t had time. I’m working on a few personal things, and I have a big trip on the horizon. I’m also going through a massive backlog of games, Anime, movies…


My Favourite Anime – Issue 1

I don’t often talk about Anime. I go through so much during a given year that I don’t find the time to talk about any one of them in particular. But in the past few days I’ve answered a few questions about Anime for someone who’s a complete novice, and it made me think of…


RPG Greatest Hits – Issue 10

Here we go, greatest hits: good, bad, funny and everything in between. These are our stories, the ones we tell around the table to our old and new RPG friends and even to those that don’t play. These are our legends, our moments of epic triumph and failure; these are the funny moments that stopped…


The Nintendo Matter – E3 2014

E3 has come around again and with it, a slew of titles and systems and announcements and the hype trains have been going full speed in plenty of directions. The biggest surprise for me was how much hype came from Nintendo’s announcements. With two days down and one to go, Nintendo hasn’t only announced games…


RPG Greatest Hits – Issue 9

Well, the first thing you might be seeing is I’ve changed the name of the feature. Deciding on expanding it to include a greater variety of stories, Triumphs and Fails seemed rather restrictive so here we go, greatest hits: good, bad, funny and everything in between.