Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD Review

Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD is the HD rerelease of the 2013 Nintendo 3DS game of the same name (except the HD part obviously), an interlude or interquel between Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1 and 2, and dealing with the Belmont clan and their relationship with Dracula, Lords of Shadow’s Gabriel…

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1001 Future: Teslagrad

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Teslagrad is a 2013 2D puzzle-platformer developed by Rain Games, a Norwegian indie developer. It features a collection of puzzle rooms where you must navigate to one of the exits, using precise timing and the power of magnetism. Take a look here for our interview with the team from September…


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Review

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is the sequel to Konami and Mercury Steam’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, released in 2010 (and 2013 for PC), and once again follows Gabriel Belmont, who since the events of the first game (and its DLC) has become Dracula, the great enemy of the Castlevania series and his own family,…

Featured - WLTM Peter Molyneux

WLTM: Peter Molyneux

When I was a child, I was an extremely avid reader. My grandmother taught me to read before I started school and I had my head stuck in a book continuously throughout; at eight-years-old my father gave me my first Stephen King novel (The Eyes of the Dragon); and I spent many summer holidays with…

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1001 Future: Metroid: Other M

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Metroid: Other M was the last Metroid game released for the Nintendo Wii and overall in the series, as there isn’t a Wii U installment yet. As with every other instalment, it follows Bounty Hunter Samus Aran, this time on the Bottle Ship: a sprawling, multi-sector, multi-environment laboratory facility in…

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1001 Reviews: Deus Ex

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Released in the year 2000, Deus Ex is the first installment in the popular science fiction first-person-shooter RPG series. Set in a dystopian future where cybernetic implants and modifications have become the norm, the series sets you as JC Denton the second in a new generation of cyborgs, using nanotechnology…